I believe, inside every woman’s heart, is the dream of an everlasting love. And when that true love comes, she knows in her heart, he is the one.

I believe, deep beneath a man’s rugged exterior, is a heart that knows its destiny.

I believe, within these two hearts, is the connection that joins them as soul mates.

I believe in true love and I’m grateful because I get to live that true love everyday with my soul mate. It was high-school when I first laid eyes on her and years later when I finally proposed beneath the stars. She said yes….and we’ve been together ever since.

Today our love is constantly growing and always evolving into something stronger. Love is a kind of work that only pays in emotional experience, lasting memories and the creation of a stronger bond with your soul mate. Every now and then I take out that first note I wrote my wife and I know in my heart, our children will someday hold the same value for love and relationships that my wife and I share towards each other.

I am Jason; I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in true love. I would be honored to photograph your wedding day and help share your story of love with your own children and for generations to come.